• Vectis Blue

    The name for Home to School Transport from Southern Vectis

  • New fares for children and young adults

    Following the Isle of Wight Council's decision to make substantial cut backs to funding for public transport we're introducing new categories of child and young adult fares.

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  • Vectis Blue

    We operate a dedicated fleet of over sixty vehicles across the Island, our fleet of vehicles is one of the most modern school bus fleets in the country

  • Vectis Blue

    We transport over 2,500 students safely and efficiently to and from school every day using dedicated modern vehicles and regular drivers

As the Isle of Wight Council’s principal contractor for home to school transport, Southern Vectis operates a dedicated fleet of over 54 vehicles with 134 daily school journeys, making in excess of 5000 passenger journeys every day.

Students travelling on school buses will need a Term Ticket or a Spare Seat Pass issued by the Isle of Wight Council.

Term Tickets for students eligible for free home-to-school transport can be collected from your school reception on the first day of term.

Students who are not eligible for free transport but would like to use a school bus service should contact the Isle of Wight Council School Transport Team, details of which are shown below. Southern Vectis is unable to give any advice regarding the provision of term time tickets or spare seat tickets.

If you have any comments or complaints about the home to school transport provided by Southern Vectis, please contact the Isle of Wight Council School Transport Team who will log the details and contact Southern Vectis as appropriate.

To contact the IW Council School Transport Team, please telephone them on 01983 823780 or email them at IW Council Transport Team